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Ceci teaches in the Typography II course at the University of Buenos Aires. The course covers editorial design, which is book and magazine design, cover art, page layout. Students start the course generally without any experience with page layout software (e.g., Quark, InDesign). So, Ceci prepared this short (10 page) guide to InDesign as a beginning tutorial for the students.

Currently, the guide is only in Spanish but we’re going to be doing an English translation of it soon and making it available. Also, we will be posting more InDesign tips and tutorials to this blog in the future.

For the students one of the benefits of this guide is that Spanish-language books about design and computing are not as common as English-language titles. Even in Buenos Aires, which has a ton of bookstores, it’s not easy to find good books on technology in Spanish. That’s quite frustrating for the people who live and work here, particularly since Buenos Aires is a fairly high-tech community (as much as any large North American city).

So, here’s the link: Introductory Guide to InDesign (Spanish) [PDF].

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Octavo has been digitizing rare books for years now. They produce some really beautiful products on CD-ROM. Now Octavo has opened the Rare Book Room where almost 400 historic works are now available for online viewing.

Anyone interested in book design or even just books should really take a look at their site. For example, you can browse through a 1570 edition of Palladio’s I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura.


The interface at the Rare Book Room allows you to zoom in tightly on these really huge files.
Of course, the Rare Book Room also has everybody’s favorite rare book, the Gutenberg Bible….this one from 1455.

Gutenberg Bible

I’ve always been impressed by the quality of Octavo’s efforts and recall meeting a gentleman from Octavo years ago at a CNI task force meeting. We’re looking forward to what new titles Octavo might add to the Rare Book Room.

And just a suggestion to Octavo: If you’re going to being adding books to the Rare Book Room, perhaps an RSS feed announcing the availability of the new titles would be useful to your viewers. Thanks.

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Briar Press is a wonderful Web site about letterpress printing. There is a lot of information on this site, all arranged in a very nice format. Browsing through the virtual museum is a fascinating educational experience for anyone interested in books. I’m sure to be talking about some of the specific goodies to be found on this site as I explore it further.

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