I was over at the Book Standard site, looking at their news entries, and decided that I wanted to subscribe to a feed of their news stories. On the main news page of Book Standard I looked around in vain for some indication of a news feed. Finally, when I clicked on one of the news items and got to the next page then I saw the RSS/XML indicator for the feed.

Okay, all is good, or so I thought.

Usually when you click on the RSS/XML label then you’re prompted to subscribe to the feed. News feeds generally start with the latest items, what the site is publishing today. I have over 400 feeds in my Bloglines and it’s my main way of keeping track of what’s happening on the net.

Yet, Book Standard doesn’t seem to understand the concept of feeds. At Book Standard when you click on the RSS/XML label you get a pop-up window that asks you which feed you want to subscribe to from VNU eMedia. Uh, I just wanted Book Standard, what the heck is VNU eMedia? (Actually, I know what it is but why do they assume everyone does?):


Here you get the options for most VIEWED stories, most EMAILED stories, most PRINTED stories, and most SAVED stories. Hey, I just want the LATEST stories…just like every other feed on the net. And, really guys, why do people care about the most printed stories? That might be an interesting statistic for internal use but you really think it needs a feed?

Why make it complicated?

And since I’m picking on the Book Standard, why did the Book Standard shut down Book Trailerpark?

I just worry about a publishing conglomerate that doesn’t seem to understand online publishing.